Event Information

Our event will be on September 26, 2014 at the World Famous Buck Owens' Crystal Palace. You won't want to miss this one!


The Bakersfield Homeless Center ("BHC") has just completed the 11th Annual Boots & Bachelor Auction. For the past ten years, this event has proven to be a favorite among attendees, as well as our sponsors. Last year's auction featured 15 of Bakersfield's most eligible and prestigious bachelors. Our dedicated bachelors, along with our committee, are serious about raising funds to accomplish the mission of BHC in this fun-filled fashion. Our bachelors represent the finest of Bakersfield's professional world who so willingly give of their time and resources. The Boots & Bachelor Auction is BHC's only major community event fundraiser of the year. Hosted by the Boots & Bachelor Auction Committee, BHC will receive 100% of the proceeds from this exciting, high-profile, high- energy, and fun-filled event. Our main sponsors included Wells Fargo, Castle & Cooke, Oxy and Instant Storage. As our "All America City" grows and reaches its potential there are many residents who struggle to find a way up. In 2010, BHC provided emergency services for 8,115 individuals, which includes 3,900 children. In addition to emergency services, BHC's supportive services made it possible for 96% of our families to successfully transition back into the community. Along with emergency services, BHC operates Discovery Depot, the only licensed day care facility within the state operating from a homeless center. This day care facility is in desperate need of educational supplies that we intend to fill through our fundraising efforts with the Auction.